Need advice? You can reach us at + 31 (0)161 45 30 98

Need advice? You can reach us at
+ 31 (0)161 45 30 98

Molecular Sieves

D&F Techniek supplies various types of Molecular Sieves directly from stock. Whether it’s 3, 4, 5 Ångström or 13X at D&F you can order the quantity you desire. At D&F you can order the quantity you request, starting from 1 kg up to 500 kg big bags.


Applications for Molecular Sieves

  • Compressed air dryers
  • Gas drying
  • Gas separation
  • Medical air drying
  • Very low dewpoints


Molecular Sieves is a very strong desiccant for drying and purification. At a relative humidity of 3% they are able to adsorb 20% of its own weight in moisture. It makes them very suitable for low dew points (-70 or lower).

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